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Imi Lo

Imi Lo is a consultant and published author with extensive and international experience in mental health and psychotherapy. Her books Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity and The Gift of Intensity are available worldwide and in multiple languages. Imi has two Master’s degrees; one in Mental Health and one in Buddhist Studies. She works holistically, combining psychological insights with Eastern and Western philosophies such as Buddhism and Stoicism.

Loneliness and Fitting in post

Loneliness and Fitting in

  • by Imi Lo

Can you feel truly belonged, if you are not being yourself? 

Here is the news:

You are allowed to tell someone you are angry, annoyed, frustrated, even when there is no ‘justified,’ ‘logical’ reason. 
You are allowed to tell the world the strength and velocity of your feelings.
You are allowed to stop putting on that fake smile. 
You do not need anyone’s permission for all the intensity inside of you to come up and come out.  

spiritual practise post

Spiritual Practice for the Emotionally Intense

  • by Imi Lo

Spiritual practice is the act of harnessing a kind of soul strength that is deeper than what meets the eyes.
By having the ability to see, hear and know the mysteries that lies beyond science and logic, we can draw power from something much greater than ourselves.

Here are four spiritual lessons that are especially relevant and useful to the emotionally intense and spiritually sensitive individuals.

anger at parents

Anger at Parents in Adulthood: 4 Steps to Release it

Intellectually, we know that our parents cannot change who they are; Rationally, we know that the past is in the past. On many levels, we have forgiven them.  However, these do not change the emotional reality that is raw, heavy, reactive, uncontrollable and full of rage.