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Letters to the Intense Minds

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Letters to the Intense Mind (which I affectionately refer to as ‘letters’ because I am old-school!), sent approximately once a month, are designed to offer support and nourishment to individuals who are intense, highly sensitive, and gifted.

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letters for intense

 Do not settle for labels that presume you will never heal. Believe in yourself. Find a tribe who understands and believes in you too. Don’t ever give up. –  Vironika Tugaleva


Here are some of the previous letters that capture some of my random musings.

The rest you can find as essays on this website:

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Imi Lo is a consultant and published author with extensive and international experience in mental health and psychotherapy. Her books Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity and The Gift of Intensity are available worldwide and in multiple languages. Imi has two Master’s degrees; one in Mental Health and one in Buddhist Studies. She works holistically, combining psychological insights with Eastern and Western philosophies such as Buddhism and Stoicism.