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Imi Lo

Imi Lo is a mental health consultant with extensive experience in mental health and psychotherapy across diverse international settings. She specializes in working with highly sensitive, intense and gifted adults. Her books, 'Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity' and 'The Gift of Intensity' are internationally acclaimed and available in multiple languages. She integrates psychological understanding with both Eastern and Western philosophies, such as Buddhism and Stoicism.

aurora podcast

‘Too Much and not Enough’— Embracing Intensity, ADHD and Giftedness with Aurora Holtzman

  • by Imi Lo

Today we will talk to Aurora Holtzman, she came on  my radar as one of the very few people out there who talks about ‘intensity’. In fact she has a podcast called ‘Embracing Intensity’! After years of feeling “too much,” Aurora finally realized that intensity, in the form of excitability, is the source of her greatest power. Now instead of beating herself up about not measuring up to her own self-imposed standards, she is on a mission to help outside-the-box thinkers befriend their brains and use their fire without getting burned. In this conversation she shared her journey, what she has learned through interviewing intense people, how to manage ADHD, and a bunch of useful resources!

Steven Hayes

What if Normal Therapy Doesn’t Work For You? Should You Try to Control Your Emotions? Conversation with Steven Hayes

  • by Imi Lo

This is an incredibly rich conversation, in which you will hear:
What you can do if CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) doesn’t work for you;
Why panic is what you feel when you are trying not to feel anxious, and depression is what happens when you refuse to feel sad;
How you can gain ‘real control’ over your emotions; and
Why psychedelics help some people but not all.
Finally, Steven leads us through a guided exercise that you can while do right now.