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About Eggshell Therapy and Coaching

Eggshell Therapy and Coaching is a practise with a focus on emotional intensity, high sensitivity, and giftedness.

Eggshell Therapy and Coaching

Welcome to Eggshell Therapy and Coaching! This is a space created for people grappling with issues surrounding  high sensitivity, emotional intensity, giftedness, and other neurodivergent traits. 

I’m Imi Lo, the primary creator of the site’s content. I’ve also had the privilege of conducting interviews with experts worldwide for the podcast. I’m currently offering consulting and coaching services via Zoom to people all over the globe. My mission is to support you on your journey from healing to thriving. I tend to be direct in my communication, and in our work I will ask you questions that aim to spark reflections and inspiration. I am coaching you to know what your ideal life without emotional turmoils looks like and to live a life that is aligned with your values and integrity.

We may look into your past wounds, but the goal ultimately is not to dwell on blaming but to see if we can help you break entrenched mental blockages, and to release what needs to be forgiven. I’m here to help you make lasting changes and avoid falling back into dysfunctional patterns, compulsive behaviors, or despair, even in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

What sets this approach apart?

1. Eggshell Therapy and Coaching focuses on emotional intensity, high sensitivity, and giftedness

Unlike traditional therapy or life coaching, we will focus on helping you make sense of the experience of feeling and living with intensity. More specifically, the life themes of owning your intensity and sensitivity, living authentically, and releasing your suppressed creative potential. Our discussion may draw from a synthesis of Western psychology and Eastern healing traditions, such as:

Coaching with creative arts, Shadow work, Jungian/ Depth Psychology,  Mindfulness, Buddhist Psychology, Japanese Psychology, Philosophical Coaching, Schema Work, Mentalization, Dream Analysis, Psychosynthesis, MBTI, and The Enneagram.

2. Non- pathologizing and holistic way of working

I am not against medication or psychiatry, but the traditional medical system may pathologize the most natural human expressions such as grieving the loss of connection, anxiety in a time of rapid change, or anger for injustice in the world.

Intensity, as a natural human expression, is not a pathology in itself. It is important that you honor and celebrate your unique gifts to live a life with vibrancy and authenticity. When you present yourself to the world as who you are, you naturally move towards liberation and self-fulfillment.

Because actual progress comes from lasting changes in all aspects- physical, emotional, and behavioral, our coaching process is integrative and holistic. Instead of having a fixed, rigid modal, we will find out what works best for you.

3. Addressing the problems at their roots

Personal developmental work is not a plaster- a temporary fix, but more like good nutrition. Drip by drip builds you up from the inside and allows you to grow resilient in the face of the challenges life offers.

We hope to make lasting shifts that dispel your struggles at their roots. This is more than just an intellectual/ cognitive process but involves physiological, emotional, and energetic changes.

Think of yourself like an eggshell – outwardly tough but inwardly delicate and tender. Just as the breaking of an eggshell heralds the birth of new life, your emotional intensity makes you unique and potent. Those who live intensely often possess significant gifts and deserve a vibrant and purposeful existence.

I eagerly anticipate accompanying you on this transformative journey. For a more comprehensive understanding of what we can achieve together, please consult the Roadmap for a detailed explanation.

The Eggshell Transformations Podcast

In 2019, I started the Eggshell Transformations Podcast,  a place where we explore the unique qualities of people who feel things deeply and think intensely.  I’ll be chatting with a diverse group of guests, including experts like Jungian Analysts and specialist psychologists, as well as poets, artists, and specialists in understanding the challenges of gifted individuals. Our most well-received episodes thus far feature discussions with notable figures like Jungian Analyst James Hollis, who explored the topic of Existential Crisis. Dr. Steven Hayes shared his insights on the foundation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, while we also delved into the topic of Gifted Trauma with Jennifer, the founder of Intergifted. These conversations have resonated with our audience and generated significant interest.

Our goal is to learn from these guests. They’ve all faced their own struggles, and we’ll discover how they’ve overcome difficult times, embraced who they are, tapped into their creative side, and found others who appreciate them. Their stories offer great resonance and valuable lessons for all of us.

I hope you can join me on this exciting adventure, where each episode opens up new possibilities for growth and self-discovery.  I can’t wait to share these amazing stories with you!

The Eggshell Transformations Podcast


Books For Intense, Highly Sensitive, and Neuro-atypical People

The book  Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity is currently available in English, French, German, Chinese and Russian. In the book, you will be guided to:

Emotionally Intense, sensitive and gifted book

Emotionally Intense, sensitive and gifted

Debunk myths and mental health stereotypes about emotional sensitivity and intensity

  • Heal from the past, and let go of the shame and limited mindsets that hold you back.
  • Develop resilience and find your way through challenging work, life, social, and family situations.
  • Build healthy and fulfilling relationships.
  • Express yourself truthfully and reach your creative potential.

Being Emotionally Intense, Highly Sensitive and Gifted: You Are Not Alone

Human beings are social creatures. However, being exceptionally emotionally sensitive and intense may mean that you live on the margin of society. It can be challenging to meet friends who get you if you live in a remote area, but even in big cities such as London and New York, you may still feel like an outsider looking in.

With the internet, we can now find refuge in virtual connections through online research, art, music, and writing. Knowing that there are others like you— even when they are a thousand miles away- is a huge relief.

Below is a collection of stories from people who identify as being highly sensitive and emotionally intense:

Stories From People Chapter I


Emotionally Intense, Sensitive, Gifted and Neurodivergent: From Misfit To Triumph

Up until now, you have not yet grappled with the value of your qualities. You did not get why you feel angsty, impatient, restless, and depressed with issues other people find acceptable. The truth is,

You are a fast-moving machine in a world that does not keep up.

You are the truth seeker in groups that are complacent about hypocrisy.

Your thoughts are critical and challenging when others opt for a comfortable life.

You are a passionate lover in a culture plagued with fear and separation.

In our society, individuals who feel things deeply are pathologized, institutionalized, or encouraged to numb out their vitality through drugs. Emotionally intense people are held back by their internalized shame, past baggage, and existential guilt.

Sensitive and intense people are sick, weak, or ‘too fragile for the world’. We mustn’t collapse into the trap of pathology. Rather than shrinking and hiding and taking a smaller and smaller slice of life, you can harness your strengths by learning to ground and build resilience.

Emotionally intense people are like canaries in the coal mine. In the old days, miners sent canaries into unknown pits. If the canaries stopped singing, they knew the mine was toxic, and they would stay away. When there are woes in the world, sensitive souls are amongst the first to take the hit. Your sadness, anxiety, and rage are not wrong; they are warning signs of the world’s pain.

Your sensitivity and intensity are the doorways to your fullest potential, and you are not serving the world by playing small.

If I were, to sum up my message in three sentences, they would be:

One, there is fundamentally nothing wrong with you.

Not only that, you are uniquely positioned to do something, create something, and stand up for something.

Your sensitivity and intensity are not hindrances but DOORWAYS to your fullest potential.

Once you have embraced your sensitivity, intensity, and giftedness, you will realize that it leads you to your freedom and peace. You will realize that you have no choice but to yield to what has been given to you. You will experience unspeakable peace by surrendering to what seems true to you. You can finally stop fighting, stop trying to pretend to be who you are not, or suppress and hide your sensitive and intense nature.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.


Let’s Explore

Just like in any relationship, chemistry is essential, and it’s something we can only truly gauge through our interactions.  As we explore this path together, we’ll have the opportunity to see if our dynamic feels right and if we can work together to achieve your aspirations and meet your human potential!

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What happens when people open their hearts?”
“They get better.”
Haruki Murakami 

Consultant and Author at Eggshell Therapy and Coaching | Website

Imi Lo is a consultant and published author with extensive experience in mental health and psychotherapy across diverse international settings. She specializes in working with highly sensitive, intense and gifted adults. Her books, 'Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity' and 'The Gift of Intensity,' are internationally acclaimed and available in multiple languages. She integrates psychological understanding with both Eastern and Western philosophies, such as Buddhism and Stoicism.