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The Intense Mind Podcast

Welcome to The Intense Mind (Previously Eggshell Transformations), a podcast tailored for gifted adults navigating the unique challenges of intensity, sensitivity, and the quest for authenticity.

In this space, we engage in meaningful conversations with healers, survivors, artists, and experts worldwide, shedding light on the struggles of fitting in and the journey to discover authenticity in the realm of living with intensity. We delve into topics such as bouncing back from trauma and shame, cultivating resilience, unleashing creativity, and enhancing productivity.

Join us as we explore the experiences of intense and gifted adults, finding solace and inspiration in stories that resonate with the quest for genuine connection and understanding.


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Consultant and Author at Eggshell Therapy and Coaching | Website

Imi Lo is a consultant and published author with extensive and international experience in mental health and psychotherapy. Her books Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity and The Gift of Intensity are available worldwide and in multiple languages. Imi has two Master’s degrees; one in Mental Health and one in Buddhist Studies. She works holistically, combining psychological insights with Eastern and Western philosophies such as Buddhism and Stoicism.