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emotional sensitivity

podcast: anxiety

Deconstructing Anxiety: What is Your Core Fear That Underlies Everything?

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Dr. Todd Pressman suggests we can all reveal one core fear at the root of all the other emotional difficulties we have, and that core fear is going to be the same every time.  These five core fears are: abandonment, loss of identity, loss of meaning, loss of purpose and death. 

Steven Hayes

What if Normal Therapy Doesn’t Work For You? Should You Try to Control Your Emotions? Conversation with Steven Hayes

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This is an incredibly rich conversation, in which you will hear:
What you can do if CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) doesn’t work for you;
Why panic is what you feel when you are trying not to feel anxious, and depression is what happens when you refuse to feel sad;
How you can gain ‘real control’ over your emotions; and
Why psychedelics help some people but not all.
Finally, Steven leads us through a guided exercise that you can while do right now.

rebecca podcast

ADHD And How to Thrive When You Are Out-Of-Sync With The World- with Rebecca Champ

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Today’s episode is special. Usually, I talk to guests who I have never met in person before. Today, we will interview Rebecca Champ, one of my most important friends. I have known Becca for 8 years now, I would like to share with you her energy, intelligence, compassion and humility.In the first part of the show, Rebecca teaches us everything we need to know about ADHD. But this episode is not just for ADHD-ers! In our conversation, we addressed issues such as shame and guilt, perfectionism and procrastination. Rebecca also shared with us how the biggest set back of her life changed her, and how pain teaches us to set boundaries.