Tell Your Story

Dear ones,

Without you, this work would not exist. You are an inspiration and an essential part of our collective quest to challenge the way society thinks about sensitivity, empathy, being different and being creative.

Many of us have experienced being changed profoundly by books, spoken words, great art and role models.

Your journeys could be lonely, but even if you have felt alienated all your lives, you could seek solace in a ‘community of loners’. Rather than being overwhelmed, oppressed and isolated by your intensity, you could use it to create meaning and find your place in the world.

Please join the “People Like Me and You” project! It is an ‘anthology’ of what inspires, touches or have changed the lives of emotionally sensitive, intense, and gifted people. Your story will be extremely valuable in helping us find and support each other.

To contribute, you can tell us who you are, or choose to be anonymous. All questions are optional, and you can put as much or as little as you wish. You can also change your mind at any time.

By taking a few minutes to fill in this form, you are doing something profoundly meaningful, and contributing to a community of kindred spirits who, like you, are searching for belongingness.

I thank you deeply for contributing.


“Our humanity is bound up in one another, and any tear in the fabric of connection between us must be repaired for us all to be made whole. This interconnectedness is the very root of who we are.

— Desmond Tutu